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GOLD CHIP sources components from qualified and reliable vendors. Our vendor rating system assures that we receive only top quality parts. And all these suppliers will be continuously evaluated, classified and monitored.


Before qualified, a potential vendor has to submit a complete documentation including compresive background, so that GOLD CHIP can have a understanding like trade ability, bank reference, financial information and other references.


When above qualification accepted by GOLD CHIP, we will perform an on-site visit to supplier – to have a deep understanding of potential supplier’s managment system, business policy, ordering procedures and other business oppotunities.


To ensure the new vendors can meet our standards for service, delivery and quality, they must be finally approved by GOLD CHIP management. And a purchasing agreement is required before the vendors can receive orders. Only with all above accepted, GOLD CHIP can start business with the new vendors.


Based on years of knowledge surrounding quality assurance and counterfeit prevention, our primary inspection includes careful examination of parts from outer packaging inward.

  • Quantity

  • Manufacturer

  • MFG Part Number

  • Date Code

  • Lot Code

  • RoHS

  • Packaging

  • Physical Condition

Functionality Test

For parts like CPU, Memory, LCDs, SSD, Board Level and other peripherals, GOLD CHIP can perform functionality test upon request.


To avoid the loss caused by counterfeit and inferior products from the semiconductor market, GOLD CHIP cooperates with the third party, authorized testing organization and other test lab to provide the professional testing services.

  • Decapsulation

  • X-Ray Test

  • Solderability Test System

  • XRF Analyzing


  • Luxo Scope

  • Baking



In case you have any question with goods supplied by us, please contact the corresponding sales and provide the documents and informations promptly as follows:

  • Sales Invoices and Packing Lists

  • Failure Reports

  • Goods Receiving Date

GOLD CHIP commits to provide active strategies and solutions within 48 hours after receiving the RMA application. Samples of questioned items need to be provided by customer, which will be submitted to the manufactures or to the third party, authorized testing organization, to conduct detailed inspection and analysis.When defective parts verified, GOLD CHIP promises a full recall of the goods and bears all the transportation costs. Detailed RMA and inspection procedures will be handled by related person, implementing relevant ”Unqualified Goods Reports” and ”Reports for Rectifying and Preventing” procedures to prevent occurence of the similar incidents.

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